as sixbus 2012, Album Releasedigital file The new field recording single of sixbus is here to listen and download. The two pie


as part of FAXENsite-specific sound intervention, 2011single canal sound, speaker, Raspberry Pi The sound of the renaissance f

Double Layer

as part of FAXENmixed-media soundinstallation, 2011fans, speaker, microphone stands, audio- mixer Double Layer consists of 6 f

Use Your Illusion

as part of FAXENInstallation & exhibition, 2012hardware store shelf, neon lettering, At the showcase of bb15 – space

Double Layer (live)

as part of FAXENaudio-performance, 2011microphones, piezo microphones, micro- phone stands, audio-mixer, analogue effect unite

Resonate In Response To

as part of FAXENsound installation, 2011record-players, speaker, vinyl-records including custom made sinus loops „Resonate i

Resonate In Response To Vinyl Edition

as part of FAXENvinyl release, 2011Limited edition of 20 double-7 inch vinyl’s packed in silk-screen-printed vinyl-maile


sound object, diy instrument, 2010mixed media, sound chips A motor moves the other and you have some noise…  If you tur

untitled (widespread)

as part of FAXENdigital lightjet print, 2010Dibond, 160 x 90cm Via transforming the Austrian tobacco brand logo into a theoret

For the Birds

as part of FAXENmixed-media object, 2010hairdryer, table-tennis-ball, keyboard, glascube, light-sensors, size 120x40x40cm “F

bb15 – space for contemporary art

bb15 – Raum für GegenwartskunstHafnerstraße 44020 Linzhttp://bb15.at bb15 is an alternative, non-commercial location

sight seeing

as part of FAXENsite-specific sound intervention, 2009speaker, dub-plates, media player In the course of the art in public are


as part of FAXENsound-installation, 2009100 piezo speakers, audio cables, mp3- players “Tilt” is a sound-installation cons


as part of May he hetal?Album Release, 2008digital file, Autark aa05 Modified keyboards and hand crafted interfaces, build the

May He Hetal?

as part of FAXENaudio-performance, 2006-2011Modified keyboards and handcrafted interfaces May He Hetal? is a live project expl


as part of FAXEN16mm Film Loop, 2006digitalised 1,5 min Loop with sound A scene of a found footage film was cut lengthwise int

The lost denk-mal Tapes

as AstebianixAlbum Release, 200611 tracks, digital file The first official album of lauthals as mp3-release. The lost denk-mal