as sixbus 2012, Album Releasedigital file The new field recording single of sixbus is here to listen and download. The two pie


as part of FAXENSite-specific sound intervention 2011Electromagnetic valve, single-board computer, single-channel audio 5:20 m

Double Layer

as part of FAXENSound installation, 2011Fans, speakers, microphone stands, audio mixerDimensions: 400x400x150cm “Double Laye

Use Your Illusion

as part of FAXENInstallation & exhibition, 2012hardware store shelf, neon lettering, At the showcase of bb15 – space

Double Layer (live)

as part of FAXENSound performance, 2011Microphones, microphone stands, audio mixer, analogue effect units “Double Layer (liv

Resonate in Response to

as part of FAXENSound installation, 2011Record players, speakers, vinyl records with custom-made sinus loops “Resonate in Re

Resonate in Response to Vinyl edition

as part of FAXENVinyl edition, 2011Double 7-inch vinyl, silk screen-printed box, limited edition of 20 20 double-7 inch vinyl&


sound object, diy instrument, 2010mixed media, sound chips A motor moves the other and you have some noise…  If you tur

untitled (widespread)

as part of FAXENDigital LightJet print, 2010Dibond, 160 x 90cm By transforming the logo of the former Austrian tobacco company

For the Birds

as part of FAXENSound installation, 2010Hairdryer, table tennis ball, keyboard, glass cube, light sensors, woodDimensions: 120

bb15 – space for contemporary art

bb15 – Raum für GegenwartskunstHafnerstraße 44020 Linzhttp://bb15.at bb15 is an alternative, non-commercial location

sight seeing

as part of FAXENSite-specific sound intervention, 20094-channel audio 24-minute loop, speakers, dubplates, media player, modul


as part of FAXENSound Installation, 2009Piezo speakers, audio cables, amplifiers, mp3 players “The sound installation „


as part of May he hetal?Album Release, 2008digital file, Autark aa05 Modified keyboards and hand crafted interfaces, build the

May He Hetal?

May He Hetal? is a music project by the artist collective FAXEN which explores the potential of inexpensive, second-hand elect


as part of FAXEN16mm film loop, 20061m30s digitised video loop with sound T3 is a work that literally cuts open the logic of s

The lost denk-mal Tapes

as AstebianixAlbum Release, 200611 tracks, digital file The first official album of lauthals as mp3-release. The lost denk-mal