Valley of the Possible | Curacautin/CL | 26.4. – 29.4.2019

During my three month research trip throw south America together with Laurien Bachmann, we could stay a week at the Valley of the Possible residency and join the program.

Valley of the Possible offers artists, scientists and other creative thinkers and makers a place to find (re)connection with nature, time for research and space for artistic development. We foster renewed perspectives on the relationship with our planet. Additionally we offer a platform to investigate an artist- and community-led model for nature conservation.

Stay from 26.4. – 1.5.2019


Residence at Agder Kunstsenter | Kristiansand/NO | 02. – 26.08.2018

Domus Artium – Guest Atelier Upper Austria | Paliano/IT | 01. – 31.05.2018

Work In Common | Primary, Nottingham/UK | 6. – 10.11.2017

Transposition | exhibition view | ©FAXEN

Angeli Bhose, Faxen, George Chinnery, Hyeji Woo, Juergen Kleft, Marwa Benhalim, Nicolas Vamvouklis, Sam Baker, Tom Verity, Vangjush Vellahu, Wingshan Smith.

The verb ‘to collaborate’ comes from the Latin collaboratus – to labour together, or to Work in Common. This short residency is aimed at artists with an interest in how we choose to work with others and across disciplines to produce art; and will encourage participants to discuss and experiment with different ways of working, to ask what it is to collaborate, and to test out new ideas together.

Work in Common, Public Event
Thursday 9 November, 8pm

Join the artists involved in the residency for a sharing of their work and dialogue around collaboration.

This micro residency programme has been organised in collaboration with UK Young Artists with support from BJCEM, Biennale des jeunes créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée.