unsought goods

multi-piece room installation, 2020 mixed media, variable size

Oh Condor

in collaboration with Laurien Bachmannsound-performance, 2019record-players, growing record collection The acoustic basis of t

Persistent Disturbance

in collaboration with Laurien Bachmannvideo-performance, 2019HD video, 7:55 min The video performance “Persistent Distur


as part of FAXENsite specific sound installation, 20193-channel audio 15:00min (loop), horn speaker The sound installation BRA

Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt.

audio visual installation and performance, 2018mixed media, variable size The installation Heimliches arbeiten beginnt. consis


as part of FAXENmulti-channel sound installation, 2015loudspeaker, inkjet- print 70×50 Various auditory characteristics o


as part of FAXENmulti-channel sound installation, 2015loudspeaker, overhead projector, beamer A helium filled balloon equipped

The Prospects of Recording

as part of FAXENaudio-visual installation, 2014wood, perforated plate, loudspeaker, video (HD) 4’21’’ loop The Prospects


as part of FAXEN4-channel sound installation, 2014acoustic absorber panels, 4 speakers, 3 metronomes On the basis of Steim’s

Squadra di Canto

as part of FAXENVideo (HD) 8:30min (loop), 2014 “Squadra di Canto” portraits a singers group in the outskirts of Genoa. Th

Double Layer (small scale)

as part of FAXENmixed-media sound object, 2014fans, loudspeakers, wood, Bass-Graphic- Equalizers Double Layer (small scale) co

Let’s Overhear

as part of FAXEN2013, site-specific sound interventionmicrophones, parametric speakers, Raspberry Pi Computer, wooden boxes Le

Testing the Equipment

as part of FAXENsite-specific intervention, 2013sound absorbing tiles, speakers, Roland MC303 “Can the material bear the sen


as part of FAXENmixed-media installation, 2012microphone, mirror ball engine, speaker, table, text excerpt of William B. Seabr


as sixbus 2012, Album Releasedigital file The new field recording single of sixbus is here to listen and download. The two pie


as part of FAXENsite-specific sound intervention, 2011single canal sound, speaker, Raspberry Pi The sound of the renaissance f

Double Layer

as part of FAXENmixed-media soundinstallation, 2011fans, speaker, microphone stands, audio- mixer Double Layer consists of 6 f

Double Layer (live)

as part of FAXENaudio-performance, 2011microphones, piezo microphones, micro- phone stands, audio-mixer, analogue effect unite

Resonate In Response To

as part of FAXENsound installation, 2011record-players, speaker, vinyl-records including custom made sinus loops „Resonate i

Resonate In Response To Vinyl Edition

as part of FAXENvinyl release, 2011Limited edition of 20 double-7 inch vinyl’s packed in silk-screen-printed vinyl-maile

untitled (widespread)

as part of FAXENdigital lightjet print, 2010Dibond, 160 x 90cm Via transforming the Austrian tobacco brand logo into a theoret

For the Birds

as part of FAXENmixed-media object, 2010hairdryer, table-tennis-ball, keyboard, glascube, light-sensors, size 120x40x40cm “F

sight seeing

as part of FAXENsite-specific sound intervention, 2009speaker, dub-plates, media player In the course of the art in public are


as part of FAXENsound-installation, 2009100 piezo speakers, audio cables, mp3- players “Tilt” is a sound-installation cons

May He Hetal?

as part of FAXENaudio-performance, 2006-2011Modified keyboards and handcrafted interfaces May He Hetal? is a live project expl


as part of FAXEN16mm Film Loop, 2006digitalised 1,5 min Loop with sound A scene of a found footage film was cut lengthwise int