as part of FAXEN 2015, multi-channel sound installation loudspeaker, inkjet- print 70x50 VOLUMES, installation view lentos | F


as part of FAXEN 2015, multi-channel sound installation loudspeaker, overhead projector, beamer ON AIR | Recording in Copenhag


2014, sound installation and live-performance live microphone input, synth, radio, audio effects, prints Lomnicky | concert Lo

The Prospects of Recording

as part of FAXEN 2014, audio-visual installation wood, perforated plate, loudspeaker, video (HD) 4’21’’ loop The Prospec


as part of FAXEN 2014, 4-channel sound installation acoustic absorber panels, 4 speakers, 3 metronomes REC | exhibition view R

Squadra di Canto

as part of FAXEN 2014, Video (HD) 8:30min (loop) Squadra di Canto | video still Squadra di Canto | video still Squadra di Can

Double Layer (small scale)

as part of FAXEN 2014, mixed-media sound object fans, loudspeakers, wood, Bass-Graphic- Equalizers Double Layer (small scale)

Let’s Overhear

as part of FAXEN. 2013, site-specific sound intervention microphones, parametric speakers, Raspberry Pi Computer, wooden boxes

Testing the Equipment

as part of FAXEN 2013, site-specific intervention sound absoring tiles, speakers, Roland MC303 Testing the Equipment | exhibit


as part of FAXEN 2012, mixed-media installation microphone, mirror ball engine, speaker, table, text excerpt of William B. Sea


as sixbus 2012, Album Release digital file, Catalog LH008 The new field recording single of sixbus is here to listen and downl


as part of FAXEN 2011, site-specific sound intervention Konstellationen | detail Konstellationen | detail The sound of the ren

Double Layer

as part of FAXEN 2011, mixed-media soundinstallation fans, speaker, microphone stands, audio- mixer Double Layer | HFBK, Dresd

Double Layer (live)

as part of FAXEN 2011, audio-performance microphones, piezo microphones, micro- phone stands, audio-mixer, analogue effect uni

Resonate In Response To

as part of FAXEN 2011, sound installation record-players, speaker, vinyl-records including custom made sinus loops Resonate In

Resonate In Response To Vinyl Edition

as part of FAXEN 2011, Limited edition of 20 double-7 inch vinyls packed in silk-screen-printed vinyl-mailer boxes Resonate In

untitled (widespread)

2010 as part of FAXEN digital lightjet print Dibond, 160 x 90cm Via transforming the Austrian tobacco brand logo into a theore

For the Birds

as part of FAXEN 2010, mixed-media object hairdryer, table-tennis-ball, keyboard, glascube, light-sensors for the birds For th

sight seeing

as part of FAXEN 2009, site-specific sound intervention speaker, dub-plates, media player sight seeing | opening performance |


as part of FAXEN 2009, sound-installation 100 piezo speakers, audio cables, mp3- players Tilt | exhibition view Tilt | exhibit

May He Hetal?

as part of FAXEN 2006-2011, audio-performance Modified keyboards and handcrafted interfaces May He Hetal? | Rother Krebs, Lin


as part of FAXEN 2006, 16mm Film Loop digitalised 1,5 min Loop with sound A scene of a found footage film was cut lengthwise i