(h)ear XL II | Heerlen/NL | 26.9 – 9.11.2014

(h)ear is a foundation which focusses on sound art and experimental music and makes effort to initiate dialogues with other art disciplines in order to create and stimulate. (h)ear organizes concerts, performances, workshops, lectures and curates exhibitions about sound art. Based in the Netherlands.

(h)ear is an art initiative located in Parkstad Limburg which in particular focuses on complementing existing cultural initiatives through sound art and experimental music. We promote sound art as an independent discipline initiating dialogue between other arts and existing initiatives. By providing (temporary) locations and platforms for live performances of (sound)artists we create the opportunity for various disciplines within the arts to connect and react. To achieve this we organise inovative performances, presentations, exhibitions and workshops by (sound)artists and curators, with the aim of stimulating the development and communication and debate within the arts. We don’t have a presentation space or ‚fixed‘ stage. Instead we use (temporary) sites, vacant buildings, project rooms at institutions and art centers, museums or public spaces, all clearly eligible for projects which (h)ear initiates.

Stefan Donchev (BG), Faxen (AT), Natasha Taylor (UK/NL), Tina Tonagel (DE), Baghdassarians/Baltschun (DE), Anja Erdmann (DE), Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT), Timo Kahlen (DE), Frans Roovers (NL), Andrew Bluff (AU), Zeno van den Broek (NL), Leo Bettinelli (AR), Simon Weins (DE), Mario van Horrik (NL) + Petra Dubac (NL), Esther Kokmeijer (NL) + Gerben Kokmeijer (NL)

Jean Philippe Loridan (Pitch-Visualive) (FR), Jan M. Iversen (NO) + Tzesne (ES), Laura Focarazzo (AR), Julian Scordato (IT), Lisa Gervassi (MX), Mads Emil Nielsen (DK), João Ricardo | OCP (PT), Ginnetta Correli (BR), Alexander Senko (RU), Roberto Zanata (IT), Philippe Cavaleri (BE), Yiannis Kranidiotis (GR), Benna (IT)

Pablo Sanz (ES), Alan Dunn (UK), Russ Young (UK), Renata Roman (IT), Ivan Raph (BE), Michele Scariot aka No Dolby (IT), Sandrine Deumier (FR) + Philippe Lamy (FR), Francesc Marti (ES), Karin Senff (AU), Sunnstede (FR), David Prescott-Steed (AU)

Joep Hinssen (NL), Leo Bettinelli (AR), Jos Smolders (NL), thisquietarmy (CA), Jan Kees Helms (NL), Post Mortem (NL), Red Stars Over Tokyo (BE), Ti Femme (USA/NL), Hellvete (BE), Janneke van der Putten (NL) & Christian Galarreta (PE)