Below20 – Sound museum of Silence | Compilation

I’m happy to announce that a track Tasty Orange which I used as for my Installation „Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt“ is part of the below20dB Project!

Silence can be defined as a soundscape with loudness below 20 dB. This project is an open archive which collect silence as soundscape / field recording below 20 dB. This is an attempt to create a sound museum of silence. Is an open and on-going project, so everyone can contribute with a silence, sending it by email (20decibel[at]

With the sound some information are required, like: place of the recording, time of the recording and of the day when was taken, type of ambient in which the recording was taken, and of course the author. Based on this catalogue of infos, some publication (like digital collection) will be released showing a particular topic.


New Piece on the Soundmaps Compilation from Sonospace

New SIXBUS Track on IFAR Musique Concrète drop & recover compilation

I´m happy to announce that I (as sixbus) have a new track on the IFAR Musique Concrète drop & recover compilation. Its a sound compilation by the Netlabel Institute For Alien Reseach.

The track is called „Genova“ and it’s an acoustic trip through Genova

You can listen or buy to the hole compilation on bandcamp: