Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt.

The installation, which consists of a video and a ramp, "Heimliches arbeiten beginnt." visualizes an absurd, automated and purpose-free work. The video shows a blue screen and a mouse cursor moving on it - all you can hear is clicking and scrolling the cursor. At the same time, a sheet metal car moves slowly up and down on the ramp, creating a loud squeal of wheels that mingles with the seemingly disoriented click. The title of the installation refers to the first stage of workaholism.

audio visual installation and performance
mixed media, variable size


  • Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt. | Schaustelle, Vienna/AT | 22.3. – 31.3.2018
  • In The Works | Salzamt, Linz/AT | 18.4 - 4.5.2018