untitled (widespread)

Via transforming the Austrian tobacco brand logo into a theoretically endless repeating pattern, an optical illusion is generated. By approaching the graphic, its monochrome clarity dissolves and modifies into interference which evokes a retinal disturbance. The gained impression - being torn between inclusion and exclusion - echoes itself in the current situation of the Bauhaus factory of Peter Behrens in Linz.

Digital Lightjet, Dibond, 160 x 90cm


  • Reclaiming Space, Austria Tabakwerke, Linz/Austria, 2010
  • TABAKFABRIK LINZ - Kunst, Architektur, Arbeitswelt, Nordico, Linz/Austria, 2010
  • Parallelwelten Jung und Alt, die Kunstsammlung OÖ, Linz/Austria, 2011