Resonate In Response To Vinyl Edition

The record is an analytical compilation of the elements of a sound-installation. The records provide in situ used sinus loops from the Resonate in Response To installations and live recordings of the exhibitions.
While listening to the sinus tone loops you can hear the individual acoustic components and the basic element of sound in its purest form. To hear the field- recordings of the installation is even more astonishing now. It’s surprising what a diverse and subtle interplay between such a minimal amount of sinus tones and the surrounding space is possible. 4 Rooms, 4 similar set-ups, 4 completely different sound experiences.
Some might say that the music here does not really has any musicality in a traditional sense, but is rather an exercise in audio engineering or a reminiscence to test records. „However you listen to this documentation, it will change your understanding of the pure physical power of sound in space. Definitely a record for lovers of academic sound experiments and drone music!“

Limited edition of 20 double-7inch vinyls packed in silk-screen-printed vinyl-mailer boxes