Double Layer (live)

“Double Layer(live)” is a modified live version of the sound-installation “Double Layer”. By turning on the fans, the microphones start to rotate. These sounds and the signals gained by piezo microphones placed on the fans, build the only acoustic source for this live performance. The original signals are modulated and adjusted via various effect units and mixers.
By and by the sounds evolve through layers of feedbacks, played back noise, ventilator sounds and the natural resonance of the space. What we hear is a fragile structure always close to collapse. This is a special type of network or interaction - it raises awareness about the interplay between sound, space and movement in combination.

microphones, piezo microphones, micro- phone stands, audio-mixer, analogue effect unite


  • F6/Stanice Pardubice | Pardubice/CZ | 2014
  • Rotate Festival, Innsbruck/AT, 2012
  • DDD - Die Dritte Dimension, WhiteBox, Munich/GER, 2011
  • Hypno Vereinsbar, Stuttgart/GER, 2011
  • Ars Electronica Performance-Festival, Linz/AT, 2010