as part of FAXEN
4-channel sound installation, 2014
acoustic absorber panels, 4 speakers, 3 metronomes

REC | exhibition view | ©FAXEN
REC | exhibition view | ©FAXEN
REC | exhibition detail | ©FAXEN

On the basis of Steim’s Studio 1, REC investigates the architecture, the specific acoustics and working situations in recording studios. This examination sets a focus on unnoticed structures and elements of music production, such as coordination and communication between musicians and the acoustic configuration of the studio.
By demounting and rearranging the acoustic absorber panels, the artist collective Faxen highlights the sculptural qualities of these unique objects. This setting is combined with a four channel installation based on documentary material – mainly the count-in of various recording sessions.


  • Studio (take2) | Steim, Amsterdam/NL | 7. – 8.11.2014