2017 as part of FAXEN

Transposition | exhibition detail

Transposition | exhibition view

Transposition | exhibition view

The sound-installation “Transposition“ refers to Albania's history as a country of emigration. As a consequence of the regimes collapse in 1991 Europe's largest emigration movement after WWII was triggered.
In relation to this transnational Albanian identity the sound-installation “Transposition” explores the emigrant countries of the Albanian diaspora in an acoustic way. “Transposition” focuses on short wave radio stations from countries with a significant Albanian community such as Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Turkey. Short wave radio is insofar striking in this context as it is used for very long distance communication on a global scale.
By approaching the sound installation the visitors are experiencing a blended sound scape of radio stations form around the world. Via headphones the movement of a slowly rotating microphone which passes the multiple radio stations becomes audible. The listener can hear a steady fading in and out, a mix of different radio programs constantly generating new an unexpected combinations.

microphone, mirror ball engine,
short-wave-radio, speaker, table