unsought goods

multi-piece room installation, 2020 mixed media, variable size


as part of FAXENsite specific sound installation, 20193-channel audio 15:00min (loop), horn speaker The sound installation BRA

Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt.

audio visual installation and performance, 2018mixed media, variable size The installation Heimliches arbeiten beginnt. consis

surfing on a long wire

audio visual installation, sound performance, 2017string, wood, foil, e-bow, video, mirror, coloured light surfing on a long w


as part of FAXENmixed-media installation, 2017microphone, mirror ball engine, short-wave-radio, speaker, table The sound-insta

Rhythm and Decay

6-channel sound installation, 2016lametta, speakers, raspberry pi “You went out with your best sweater onWith every intentio


as part of FAXENmulti-channel sound installation, 2015loudspeaker, inkjet- print 70×50 Various auditory characteristics o


as part of FAXENmulti-channel sound installation, 2015loudspeaker, overhead projector, beamer A helium filled balloon equipped

Double Layer (small scale)

as part of FAXENmixed-media sound object, 2014fans, loudspeakers, wood, Bass-Graphic- Equalizers Double Layer (small scale) co

Testing the Equipment

as part of FAXENsite-specific intervention, 2013sound absorbing tiles, speakers, Roland MC303 “Can the material bear the sen

Double Layer

as part of FAXENmixed-media soundinstallation, 2011fans, speaker, microphone stands, audio- mixer Double Layer consists of 6 f

Use Your Illusion

as part of FAXENInstallation & exhibition, 2012hardware store shelf, neon lettering, At the showcase of bb15 – space