The multi-parted work “Firedrake“ examines attempts of the Chinese government to censor foreign short wave radio stations (also called jamming) and methods to avoid these interferences by manipulating radios. By constantly playing an one hour long piece of Chinese folk music entitled “Firedrake“, radio stations such as Voice of America, Radio Free Asia and BBC World Service are muted by the Chinese authorities. In order to bypass Chinese jamming DIY adaptations of radios, so called anti-jamming antennas are used. Materials needed for these antennas are the starting point for an acoustic improvisation shown in the video. Additionally a fictional radio program that features snippets of an interview, multiple recordings of short wave radio stations and the “Firedrake” broadcast can be heard.


single channel video, 60’00'', single channel audio, 60’00'', table, blue cloth, screen, short wave radio