A Vocabulary of Noise | bb15, Linz/AT | 23. + 26.9.2017

A Vocabulary of Noise flyer

Jan Adriaans, Bryony Gillard, Monique Hendriksen, Marie-Andrée Pellerin, FAXEN

In the framework of a group residency at bb15, Jan Adriaans (NL), Bryony Gillard (UK), Monique Hendriksen (NL), Marie-Andrée Pellerin (CA) and FAXEN collective (AT) develop a multi-event project in Linz that approaches the notion of noise and randomness on a conceptual level. Communication is considered as an interplay of pattern and randomness, a deterministic network infiltrated with errors, scratches and hiccups. These unpredictabilities shape the pattern again, in a constant process of adaptation. Noise keeps us from predicting the future. There is no blueprint we can draw conclusions from.

Public Working Session
September 23rd, starting at 14:00

Final Event
September 26th, 19:30