keep an ear on | EX3, Firenze/IT | 20. – 22.5.2011

Keep an ear on...“ is the fifth international symposium on soundscape organized by the FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft

In 2011, the conference will be held in Florence (Italy) in collaboration with the Center for Music Research Tempo Reale and the Centre for Contemporary Art EX3, May 19 to 22, 2011.

FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft – Forum for the soundscape) is a European association that wants to serve as a platform for contact between people from different disciplines that deal with the soundscape and acoustic spaces.
The FKL was born as a result of the impetus given by the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology WFAE (Vancouver, BC) was formed in 1993 based on research carried out in 70 years. The FKL is a non-profit organization, is open to all those interested in listening and sound environmental stewardship.
Every two years FKL organizes its conference in a different European city .


Amanda BELANTARA (GB) Ears are Dazzled, touched by sound
Michael CARMODY/Elissa GOODRICH (AUS) Anatomy of atoms
Domenico CENA/Francesco MICHI (IT) Composizione silenziosa
Gianpaolo DI COCCO/Cristiano DE SILVA/Giacomo ALLAZETTA (IT) Vox Domestica
Richard EIGNER (A) Denoising Installation
ONGAKUAW (IT) E alle stecche delle persiane è già l’alba
Maurizio GOINA/Pietro POLOTTI (IT) Sonic Walking
Bjørn Erik HAUGEN (N) Transfer
MassimoLIVERANI/Pino GORI (IT) Stazione di rilassamento psicoacustico
Luca MITI (IT) Proposta per lo studio di un rito nelle Marche
Sara MAINO/Davide ONDERTOLLER (IT) Microstorie dal paesaggio
Knut REMOND (CH) the rec. Hunters
.LarsenSado. (IT) w00dPH1.0 [e se gli alberi avessero le orecchie?] Nick SHERMAN (USA) Soundtracker
Artur VIDAL (E) Three times in Beyoglu
Fabian WINKLER/Shannon McMULLEN (USA) Waves Records
FAXEN (A) resonate in response to