RHYTHM AND DECAY | Kunsthalle Linz | 22.11.2016

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“RHYTHM AND DECAY” // Sebastian Six

“You went out with your best sweater on
With every intention of dancing till dawn
But when the DJ played that song …”

You are standing in front of the door with a dull memory of alcohol and flickering light. Your slow-drying sweat sucks the cold deep under your skin and the reverberation of too-loud beats fades into an eternal hum in the ears. “What is now, are you coming?”

Acoustic experiments in connection with items of everyday life, sculptural assemblages and the physical element of sound are the main aspects of Sebastian Six’s musical and visual compositions. The works deal with moments where noise becomes music and the difference between hearing and active listening is explored.

ERÖFFNUNG // Dienstag 22. November 2016, 19:00 Uhr
Eröffnungsrede von Dagmar Schink, Begrüßungsaperitif

AUSSTELLUNG // täglich geöffnet bis 22. Dezember 2016
Kunsthalle Linz, Frl. Florentine-Platz 1, 4040 Linz (Urfahrmarktdonaulände)

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