bb15 – space for contemporary art

with Clemens Mairhofer, Lucas Norer and others

since 2009, Artist-run gallery
bb15, Baumbachstra├če 15 4020 Linz

bb15 exhibition Marita Bullmann

bb15 exhibition Francesco Fonassi

bb15 exhibition LOVE

Since 2009 I am, as a co-founder, in charge of the exhibition programme at artist-run-gallery bb15.
The gallery is an alternative location for visual art; non-commercial with experimental approaches and free space. On roughly 100m2 in the city centre of Linz, exhibitions, performances, workshops, discussions and concerts are taking place on a regular basis. Next to the series of exhibitions, single- and group exhibitions are taking place.
Further more the area is used as studio and place of production.International co- operations with similar institutions as well as an annual artist in residence program conclude the repertoire.