Double Layer

Double Layer consists of 6 fans and 6 speakers. The fan’s air stream is used to set the speakers in motion. Half of the speakers are used as microphones to transmit the sound of the running fans, the remaining speakers to play back the sounds. By and by the sounds evolve through layers of feedbacks, played back noise, fan sounds and the natural resonance of the space.

“Double Layer” functions as a cause and effect unite in a self-contained coupling, where an input gives an output that comes to influence the input again. This might be said to function as part of any system, production or network, shifting in degrees of positive and negative influence. Or as Brandon LaBelle describes the communicational concept of feedback in “Acoustic Territories”: ”This wavering oscillation[feedback] imparts an elemental dynamic of exchange of self and surrounding, as a deeply significant flexibility, and on a communicational level must be heard to give way to moments of intimacy and mingling, or intense proximity, as well as alienation and estrangement. Feedback is relationally productive precisely by functioning as such sensitive, tensing link prone to fluctuation.”

fans, speaker, microphone stands, audio- mixer