as part of FAXEN
Site-specific sound intervention 2011
Electromagnetic valve, single-board computer, single-channel audio 5:20 minutes (loop), speaker,
Dimensions variable

Konstellationen | detail | ©Faxen
Konstellationen | detail view | ©Faxen

The sound of the renaissance fountain „Planetenbrunnen“ is the acoustically determinant element in the courtyard of the state house in Linz. The intervention consists of two parts.
The concept of the installation in phase one is to change the acoustic perception of the site by subtraction and not by adding sounds. This is achieved b

The sound of the fountain in the inner courtyard of the upper Austrian government office in Linz is the focus of this sound intervention, which consists of two parts. 

Part one: Switching off the fountain every 5 minutes for a period of 5 minutes dramatically alters our acoustic perception of the space. A significant change of the soundscape achieved simply by subtraction.

Part two begins when the fountain is switched off for the winter months. Now the sound of the fountain is added artificially by hidden speakers. The lack of a visual equivalent to the splashing water creates a jarring experience. The two differing methods, subtraction and addition of sound, test the perception of the recipients in different ways.


  • Hörstadt Krypthophone Festival | Linz/AT | 14.11. – 6.11.2011