Testing the Equipment

as part of FAXEN
site-specific intervention, 2013
sound absorbing tiles, speakers, Roland MC303

Testing the Equipment | exhibition view | ©FAXEN
Testing the Equipment | exhibition view | ©FAXEN

“Can the material bear the sensation it up- holds? And can the sensation stood upright, express itself, produce pure sensory qualities, through the material forms and forces it lays hold of?” asks Elizabeth Grosz in her book Chaos, Territory, Art.
The sound installation “Testing The Equipment” is an acoustic and architectural intervention at the AfG exhibition-space in Vienna. The work is dedicated to the on-site built-in acoustic ceiling panels. These universally used components are typical for modern architecture and define the acoustic characteristics of indoor spaces such as offices, business offices, schools, etc … By removing some of the ceiling panels, the acoustics and the architecture of the exhibition-space got modified. The removed panels serve as the raw material for the construction of two speakers each playing-back a rhythmic signal, which explores the room’s resonance.


  • Testing the Equipment (solo show), AfG, Vienna/Austria, 2013
Testing the Equipment | exhibition detail | ©FAXEN
Testing the Equipment | exhibition view | ©FAXEN