Testing the Equipment

as part of FAXEN
Site-specific intervention, 2013
Sound-absorbing tiles, loudspeakers, Roland MC303 synthesizer
Dimensions variable

Testing the Equipment | exhibition view | ©FAXEN
Testing the Equipment | exhibition view | ©FAXEN

The sound installation “Testing the Equipment” is dedicated to the overlooked significance and qualities of acoustic ceiling panels. These universally used components are typical of modern architecture and define the acoustic characteristics of indoor spaces, such as offices, schools, shops, etc. As a first step, the artist group FAXEN removed all ceiling panels from the exhibition venue in order to manipulate the acoustics of the space. The collected panels then served as construction material for two custom-built speakers, each of which plays a bass drum sound that explores the room’s resonance.


  • Testing the Equipment (solo show), AfG, Vienna/Austria, 2013
Testing the Equipment | exhibition detail | ©FAXEN
Testing the Equipment | exhibition view | ©FAXEN