Let’s Overhear

Let’s Overhear is an urban intervention, which records and analyses the acoustic space, while simultaneously playing it back in a modified way. Referring to Walter Benjamin’s notion of the urban: “Buildings and urban environment are absorbed in two ways: by use and by perception” Let’s Overhear wants to make this use and perception audible. In the centre of attention are the specific sonic characteristics and qualities on site which influence the musical interpretation of the existing soundscape. This setup allows the visitors/listeners to expand their acoustic horizon and to verify their perception in interplay with the composition. The audience absorbs the environment as a composed soundscape; an urban spot full of sounds.

site-specific sound intervention
microphones, parametric speakers, Raspberry Pi Computer, wooden boxes


  • Let’s Overhear, Donaupark Linz, 22.07. - 04.08. 2013