Double Layer (small scale)

2014 as part of FAXEN

Double Layer (small scale) | exhibition view

mixed-media sound object
fans, loudspeakers, wood, Bass-Graphic- Equalizers

Double Layer (small scale) consists of 4 fans, 4 speakers and a pedestal. The sound installation is the small scaled version of Double Layer (originally realized in 2011).
In multiple ways the sound installation functions as a self-contained coupling: the transport box is transferred into a pedestal and the sound input gives an output that comes to influence the input again. The fan’s air stream is used to set the speakers in motion. Two of the speakers are used as microphones to transmit the sound of the running fans, the remaining speakers to play back the sounds. By and by the sounds evolve through layers of feedbacks, played back noise, fan sounds and the natural resonance of the space.

Double Layer (small scale) | exhibition view

Double Layer (small scale) | exhibition detail