as part of FAXEN

2015, multi-channel sound installation
loudspeaker, overhead projector, beamer

ON AIR | Recording in Copenhagen

ON AIR | Recording in Copenhagen

A helium filled balloon equipped with microphones is used to create expansive field recordings of urban areas. This method allows the artist collective FAXEN to record multiple acoustic transitions between divergent areas in an urban environment. Sonic zoom-in and zoom- out movements that oscillate between subjective and objective points of view, between actual and abstract and between close by and far away. Arranged as a multi-channel sound installation ON AIR invites the listener to explore the diverse acoustic topography of a city.


  • Menu LABoratory, Hradec Kralove/CZ, 31.03 - 03.04. 2016
  • ON AIR, Science Friction, Copenhagen/DK, 30.10. - 01.11. 2015

ON AIR | Installation View Copenhagen

ON AIR | Recording in Copenhagen

ON AIR | Recording in Salzburg