unsought goods

Multi-piece room installation, 2020
mixed media, variable size

unsought good |exhibition view | ©sebastiansix
unsought good |exhibition view | ©sebastiansix
unsought good | exhibition view | ©sebastiansix

Unsought goods are goods for which there is little interest, as consumers either do not know about their existence or find them annoying and therefore reject them emotionally. In this sense, Sebastian Six examines our consumption-oriented society, using sound, sculpture and video to transform the exhibition space into an absurd shopping world.

The installation consisted of several works:

The Customers
4-channel sound installation, 14min, loop, field recordings & found footage voice samples, 2020

Graph, installation made of branches approx. 6×3,5m, adhesive stickers, 2020

L Love myself
Digital printing on Forex, A3-sign, 2020

Screens 1–3
3 HD video loops, 2020

MY Products
Product photographs in poster frames, Self-made instruments and sound tools, 16 pieces, each 42x30cm, 2020

Stock Office
mixed media, 2020
Entry only for authorized persons.

Shelf-ready packaging
HD video, 16min, loop, ASMR packaging Sounds, 2020

unsought good | exhibition view | ©sebastiansix
L Love myself| exhibition view | ©sebastiansix
Shelf-ready packaging | exhibition view | ©sebastiansix
Stock Office | exhibition view | ©sebastiansix