Eboran Galerie Salzburg
9.3. – 25.3.2022

Exhibition opening with sound performance 9.3.2022, at 7 p.m. 
Doris Prlić will speak about the exhibition.

In the multidisciplinary room installation „Langsamdreher“ transforms Sebastian Six the Eboran Gallery with the help of sound, sculpture and video into a seemingly absurd shopping world.
Rotating shelf walls, flickering screens, a dense sound atmosphere, and unique artistic pieces presented as merchandise on sale question our consumption- and production-driven society.

„Langsamdreher“ (slow moving consumer goods) are goods with a low product rotation, so that they represent an increased storage and sales risk and more frequent shelf gaps occur.

Exhibition until 25.3.2022
Galerie Eboran, Ignaz-Harrer-Straße 38, 2. Stock, Salzburg

Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt. | Schaustelle, Vienna/AT | 22.3. – 31.3.2018

Sebastian Six (Linz) präsentiert: Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt.

Ausstellung und Performance.

Um diese Dienstleistung anbieten zu können, ist es unter Umständen erforderlich, dass ich Ihre personenbezogenen Daten an Dritte weitergeben muss. Ich versichere, dass die von mir gemachten Angaben vollständig und richtig sind, ferner nehme ich zur Kenntnis dass Kosten nicht ersetzt werden.

Sebastian Six ist ein interdisziplinärer Künstler. Raum-akustische Experimente in Verbindung mit Alltagsgegenständen, skulpturale Assemblagen bzw. die physische Komponente von Klang sind die zentralen Elemente seiner visuellen und klanglichen Kompositionen. Die Arbeiten beschäftigen sich mit Momenten, in denen Lärm zu Musik wird und der Unterschied zwischen Hören und aktivem Zuhören erforscht wird.

Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale | Tirana/AL | 4. – 9.5.2017

For the very first time, Albania will be the hosting country of the Biennale of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, a multidisciplinary event, promoted by BJCEM, that takes place once in two years in a different location in Europe, with young artists aged from 18 to 34 presenting their contemporary works and performances based on the general theme proposed by the Artistic Director.
The Ministry of Culture of Albania, in collaboration with BJCEM, will host 230 artists from Europe and the Mediterranean region. The public will have a different experience of contemporary art thanks to the interesting formula of Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, the proposed theme and unusual exhibition spaces in Albania.
The Ministry of Culture of Albania, together with BJCEM’s Board approved the appointment of Driant Zeneli as the Artistic Director of Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, with the responsibility for conceptualizing the theme of the Biennale and setting up the curatorial team, each of the curators curating one of the following six disciplines: applied arts, visual art, performance, literary creation, music and film.
Driant Zeneli is a renowned Albanian artist working between Milan and Tirana, who represented Albania at the 54th International Art Exhibition-Venice Biennale.

He has exhibited at: MuCEM, Marseille, (2016), Centre Pompidou, Paris, (2016); MSFAU Tophane-i Aime, Istanbul, (2016); Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Milan (2015; 2010); GAM, Museum of Modern and Contemporaryart Turin (2013); ZKM, Karlsruhe (2012); MUSAC, Castiglia León. Spain, (2012); Prague Biennale 5, Prague (2011); National Gallery of Kosove, Prishtine (2010); Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genoa (2009); National Gallery of Tirana, (2008).

Driant Zeneli conceptualized the theme of Mediterranea 18, having considered the following:

  • The main aim of BJCEM association, which is the use of art as a tool to promote diversity and intercultural dialogue;
  • the growing complexities of political, social and economic structures in the world and finally Albania, the hosting country of the Biennale that is defined by its isolated and communist past.

The theme is History + Conflict + Dream + Failure = HOME, and much more than a simple equation, Zeneli’s curatorial concept describes why HOME is grounded on these four elements:

‘’… History, intending the archive of the unaccountable number of individual stories, recorded or forgotten. Conflict, to consider the way we share homes. Dream as the project of home, as the fundamental human right to be free to choose and desire our real or imaginary home. Failure as the inner resistance of the various attempts, transformed along the way in search for the dream home’’.

The Curatorial Team comes from various countries and backgrounds, and bring with them valuable experience for curating their respective discipline:

Curator of Applied Arts: Jonida Turani
Curator of Visual Art: Maja Ciric
Curator of Performance: Ema Andrea
Curator of Literary Creation: ALA Group / Maria Rosa Sossai
Curator of Music: Alban Nimani&Rubin Beqo / Tulla Center
Curator of Film: Eroll Bilibani

Multiple exhibition spaces
The 230 selected artists will exhibit in some unusual and though-provoking spaces around Tirana and Durrës. The exhibition spaces include former communist sights, museums, buildings, installations, etc. The selected artists will be hosted in Tirana and Durres from May 4 to 9, 2017. In those days they will have the opportunity to show their works and will perform in the spaces provided in the two cities. The exhibitions will be open to the public until May 28, 2017.


RHYTHM AND DECAY | Kunsthalle Linz | 22.11.2016

rhythm and decay header

“RHYTHM AND DECAY” // Sebastian Six

“You went out with your best sweater on
With every intention of dancing till dawn
But when the DJ played that song …”

You are standing in front of the door with a dull memory of alcohol and flickering light. Your slow-drying sweat sucks the cold deep under your skin and the reverberation of too-loud beats fades into an eternal hum in the ears. “What is now, are you coming?”

Acoustic experiments in connection with items of everyday life, sculptural assemblages and the physical element of sound are the main aspects of Sebastian Six’s musical and visual compositions. The works deal with moments where noise becomes music and the difference between hearing and active listening is explored.

ERÖFFNUNG // Dienstag 22. November 2016, 19:00 Uhr
Eröffnungsrede von Dagmar Schink, Begrüßungsaperitif

AUSSTELLUNG // täglich geöffnet bis 22. Dezember 2016
Kunsthalle Linz, Frl. Florentine-Platz 1, 4040 Linz (Urfahrmarktdonaulände)

MEHR // Links
Website Sebastian Six

Notes on tomorrow | Aveiro/PT | 28.10. – 14.12.2016


The FAXEN work Double Layer is Present in the Creart Exhibition „Notes on tomorrow“ in Aveiro (Portugal)

The CreArt European Exhibition Notes on tomorrow” will be presented in Aveiro (Portugal) on Friday, 28th October. The show, curated by Luísa Santos has the collaboration of 21 projects from the Creart network. With occasion of the opening, some of the artists will be present and there will be organized also parallel activities.

PARTICIPANT ARTISTS: Carolina Grilo Santos (1993, Aveiro); Davor Sanvincenti (1979, Koper); Eva Pacalová (1989, Kutná Hora); FAXEN art collective (founded 2004, Linz); Georg Pinteritsch (1986, Villach); Jelena Bando (1988, Zagreb); Jorge Méndez a.k.a. Jorge Peligro (1979, Ponferrada); Kateřina Držková (1978, Pardubice); Kovács Kinga (1987, Harghita County); Marco Musarò (1989, Gagliano del Capo); Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė (1977, Vilnius); Marija Šnipaitė (1988, Vilnius); Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė (1975, Kaunas); Nita Mocanu (1977, Arad); Paolo Ferrante (1984, Galatina); Povilas Ramanauskas (1987, Kaunas); Ricardo González (1957, Burgos); Stefano Bucciero (1985, Brazil); Stine Bråthen (1983, Kristiansand); Tvrtko Buric (1982, Bjelovar); Zsuzsánna Fodor (1986, Harghita County)


If we think of contemporary art as a social system – an idea coined by Niklas Luhmann (1992) putting the arts in the realm of perception -, we locate art in what it does at its best: showing possible realities, through a critical observation, of the world we live in, at social, economical and political levels.

It is precisely in this idea that the history of the collective exhibition Notes on Tomorrow unfolds.  The characters (the works) of this story come together in a series of dichotomies. Firstly, the large in conflict with the small; on the other hand, the visual formalisation of the contrasts between History, fiction and memories; the relationship between the observer and the observed; contemplation and creation; networks of information, stories and seemingly random events; and, finally, the contradiction between known and unknown, translated by the desire to discover, to change to something beyond the horizon and, paradoxically, the need for familiar refuges.

These dichotomies are not about presenting definitive answers for contemporary society’s challenges but more about looking into a series of questions, observations and experimentations. In this way, these representations reflect the ambivalence of human relations. In other words, it is about visually translating small utopia’s at local levels through inventions, desires and propositions.

Notes on Tomorrow comes in a series of twenty-one voices from different European cities (Arad, Aveiro, Genoa, Harghita County, Kaunas, Kristiansand, Lecce, Pardubice, Valladolid, Vilnius, and Zagreb) to dwell on possible perceptions about current social issues and includes installations, drawings, texts, diagrams, videos, photographs and different kinds of situations.  – Luísa Santos


subnetAIR2015 Presentation | Schmiede, Hallein/AT | 21.9.2016

Schmiede logo

FAXEN got the subnetAIR residency 2015, so we’re now invited to present the work ON AIR on 21th of September at the Schmiede in Hallein.

A helium filled balloon equipped with microphones is used to create expansive field recordings of urban areas. This method allows the artist collective FAXEN to record multiple acoustic transitions between divergent areas in an urban environment. Sonic zoom-in and zoom- out movements that oscillate between subjective and objective points of view, between actual and abstract and between close by and far away. Arranged as a multi-channel sound installation ON AIR invites the listener to explore the diverse acoustic topography of a city.


ON AIR | presentation | schmiede hallein | ©Faxen

[H:UMMMM] | Hummelhofbad, Linz/AT | 9.4.2016

Sat, April 9th 2016, 15:00 – 22:00
Wellnessoase Hummelhof, Ramsauerstraße 12, Linz

[H:UMMMM] examines, elaborates and processes the functionality of sounds in modern spa/wellness zones in manifold ways. Interrelations between sound and social, medical, architectonic and artistic contexts will be investigated, discussed and analysed. These contexts will be examined in relation to sound studies and Michel Foucault’s concept of Human Geography.

[H:UMMMM] explores the ties and liaisons of artistic and academic approaches in a site-specific spa-centre heterotopia in Linz, Austria. This will take place on April 9th, 2016. By exchanging all audio sources of the bath, experiencing performances, installations and lectures the spa area of the wellness oasis Hummelhof is converted into an auditory spa/wellness heterotopia of a different kind.

The program:

Lectures by:
Karin Harrasser (AUT), Thomas Macho (AUT), David Toop (UK)

Concerts by:
Fennesz (AUT)
Abby Lee Tee (AUT)

Installations by:
Richard Eigner (AUT): Denoising
Faxen (AUT): In this momentary awareness I tried to tell myself …
Sun Obwegeser (AUT): IGLOOP – just fading out
Ingo Randolf (AUT): Muzak Architectures
Julia Tazreiter (AUT): Kabel im Regen
Clemens Bauder, Andreas Reichl, Andre Zogholy (AUT): without boats, dreams dry up
Clemens Bauder, Davide Bevilacqua, Andre Zogholy (AUT/IT): Atlas of Waves
Clemens Bauder, Andreas Reichl, Andre Zogholy (AUT): I am swimming in a pool

Audio feeds by:
Abby Lee Tee (AUT), Oren Ambarchi (AUS), Sam Auinger (AUT), Clemens Bauder & Ilpo Väisänen (AUT/FIN), Jeff Bridges (USA), Tanja Brüggemann-Stepien (AUT), Anthony Child (UK), deepseafishK (JUUN, Katharina Klement, Manon Liu Winter) (AUT), Richard Eigner (AUT), Christian Fennesz (AUT), Wolfgang Fuchs (AUT), Andreas Kurz (DE), Lena Leblhuber (AUT), Mimu Merz (AUT), Christina Nemec (AUT), Sarah Lipstate (USA), Julien Ottavi (FR), Billy Roisz (AUT), David Toop (UK), We Will Fail (PL)

[H:UMMMM] is a project by qujOchÖ, curated and organized by Clemens Bauder, Andreas Reichl and Andre Zogholy with a big help from a lot of friends.

MENU LABoratory | Hradec Králové/CZ | 31.3 – 2.4.2016

We (FAXEN) are invited to do another Version of our  site specific Installation ON AIR at the Menu LABoratory Festival in Hradec Kralove/CZ from 31.03 to 03.04. 2016

I will play a little Concert as SixBus on the Opening Night!

More here: