Oscillation—Mayday Radio Marathon 30.4. – 2.5.2020

Bregenz Biennale 2018 | Brezenz/AT | Summer 2018

Zentrale.Jetzt | Vienna/AT | 3.2.2018

ZeitEins Happening | Altenhof/AT | 5.9.2017

A Vocabulary of Noise | bb15, Linz/AT | 23. + 26.9.2017

Volumes | Floating Sound Gallery, St. Petersburg/RU | 23.4.2017

VOLUMES Graphic | detail | ©Faxen

True Blue News | Salzamt Linz/AT | 5.4.2017

A performative talk-discussion-news-broadcast-concert party thing with Utopic tones. Coming to a screen near you via DORFTV and LIVE! at the Salzamt, 19:30, 5th April 2017 from Sam Bunn, Davide Bevilacqua, Sebastian Six and Dave Perlis (USA) and Robert Storey (UK), a 13 part ‘Choir of the Future’ and various Citizens of the World.



PUREED NOISE SOUP | Concerts I 7.3.2017

Atsushi Tadokoro (JP), Gabriela Gordillo (MX), Sebastian Six (AT), Renick Bell (US/JP), Yen Tzu Chang (TW)

Puréed Noise Soup is a hybrid sound event, that involves a series of concerts, a workshop and an interactive installation, that puts together artists with different views of sound, which sources are data sets, live-coding, analogue and digital sounds, or electronic circuits. Observing the variety of this sound performances as if they were different tastes of ingredients, we want to present it as a process to make a puréed soup: all artists will provide different materials, that in the end, will be a unique sonic food for the audience.

Observing the sound performance as a tasting experience, an on-site installation, allows the audience to taste the ingredients themselves, and make their own mixes through interaction, as a first encounter with the sounds of each performer.

March 7th, BB15, Linz
March 16th, Signal Zirkus, Vienna


Pictures from the Concert



Pictures by Clemens Mairhofer

SIXBUS live at Offcity | Pardubice/CZ | 17.12.2016

I´m doing a little concert at the Offcity (not only) Christmas party .

Saturday 17th December 2016 18:00

10:00-16:00 GALLERY OF 1 HOUR
plácek před sochou Rudoarmějce (here)
Vernissage of the project of Eliška Perglerová and Iveta Čermáková, crepes, tea, christmas punch and much more.

18:00-??? CLEAR TO LAND
: Automatic Mills (here)

Automatic Mills and their stunning athmosphere, friends, music, dinner, party, recapitulation of 2016, catalogue etc.
Line-up: Filip JakšSixBus (AT) and STRAND & friends (DE/AT): EP BACCALÀ release.

More on their webpage here: http://www.offcity.cz

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1625630287729920/

Pictures of the Concert

sushi sounds | gruentaler9, Berlin/DE | 30.9.2016

subnetAIR2015 Presentation | Schmiede, Hallein/AT | 21.9.2016

FAXEN got the subnetAIR residency 2015, so we’re now invited to present the work ON AIR on 21th of September at the Schmiede in Hallein.

A helium filled balloon equipped with microphones is used to create expansive field recordings of urban areas. This method allows the artist collective FAXEN to record multiple acoustic transitions between divergent areas in an urban environment. Sonic zoom-in and zoom- out movements that oscillate between subjective and objective points of view, between actual and abstract and between close by and far away. Arranged as a multi-channel sound installation ON AIR invites the listener to explore the diverse acoustic topography of a city.


Schmiede logo

Presentation at Schmiede

ON AIR | presentation | schmiede hallein | ©Faxen

[H:UMMMM] | Hummelhofbad, Linz/AT | 9.4.2016

[H:UMMMM] – auditive.wellness.heterotopologies

Sat, April 9th 2016, 15:00 – 22:00
Wellnessoase Hummelhof, Ramsauerstraße 12, Linz

[H:UMMMM] examines, elaborates and processes the functionality of sounds in modern spa/wellness zones in manifold ways. Interrelations between sound and social, medical, architectonic and artistic contexts will be investigated, discussed and analysed. These contexts will be examined in relation to sound studies and Michel Foucault’s concept of Human Geography.

[H:UMMMM] explores the ties and liaisons of artistic and academic approaches in a site-specific spa-centre heterotopia in Linz, Austria. This will take place on April 9th, 2016. By exchanging all audio sources of the bath, experiencing performances, installations and lectures the spa area of the wellness oasis Hummelhof is converted into an auditory spa/wellness heterotopia of a different kind.

The program consists of …

Lectures by:
Karin Harrasser (AUT), Thomas Macho (AUT), David Toop (UK)

Concerts by:
Fennesz (AUT)
Abby Lee Tee (AUT)

Installations by:
Richard Eigner (AUT): Denoising
Faxen (AUT): In this momentary awareness I tried to tell myself …
Sun Obwegeser (AUT): IGLOOP – just fading out
Ingo Randolf (AUT): Muzak Architectures
Julia Tazreiter (AUT): Kabel im Regen
Clemens Bauder, Andreas Reichl, Andre Zogholy (AUT): without boats, dreams dry up
Clemens Bauder, Davide Bevilacqua, Andre Zogholy (AUT/IT): Atlas of Waves
Clemens Bauder, Andreas Reichl, Andre Zogholy (AUT): I am swimming in a pool

Audio feeds by:
Abby Lee Tee (AUT), Oren Ambarchi (AUS), Sam Auinger (AUT), Clemens Bauder & Ilpo Väisänen (AUT/FIN), Jeff Bridges (USA), Tanja Brüggemann-Stepien (AUT), Anthony Child (UK), deepseafishK (JUUN, Katharina Klement, Manon Liu Winter) (AUT), Richard Eigner (AUT), Christian Fennesz (AUT), Wolfgang Fuchs (AUT), Andreas Kurz (DE), Lena Leblhuber (AUT), Mimu Merz (AUT), Christina Nemec (AUT), Sarah Lipstate (USA), Julien Ottavi (FR), Billy Roisz (AUT), David Toop (UK), We Will Fail (PL)

[H:UMMMM] is a project by qujOchÖ, curated and organized by Clemens Bauder, Andreas Reichl and Andre Zogholy with a big help from a lot of friends.


Video Documentation

MENU LABoratory | Hradec Králové/CZ | 31.3 – 2.4.2016

We (FAXEN) are invited to do another Version of our  site specific Installation ON AIR at the Menu LABoratory Festival in Hradec Kralove/CZ from 31.03 to 03.04. 2016

I will play a little Concert as SixBus on the Opening Night!

More here:

(h)ear XL II | Heerlen/NL | 26.9 – 9.11.2014

(h)ear is a foundation which focusses on sound art and experimental music and makes effort to initiate dialogues with other art disciplines in order to create and stimulate. (h)ear organizes concerts, performances, workshops, lectures and curates exhibitions about sound art. Based in the Netherlands.

(h)ear is an art initiative located in Parkstad Limburg which in particular focuses on complementing existing cultural initiatives through sound art and experimental music. We promote sound art as an independent discipline initiating dialogue between other arts and existing initiatives. By providing (temporary) locations and platforms for live performances of (sound)artists we create the opportunity for various disciplines within the arts to connect and react. To achieve this we organise inovative performances, presentations, exhibitions and workshops by (sound)artists and curators, with the aim of stimulating the development and communication and debate within the arts. We don’t have a presentation space or ‚fixed‘ stage. Instead we use (temporary) sites, vacant buildings, project rooms at institutions and art centers, museums or public spaces, all clearly eligible for projects which (h)ear initiates.

Stefan Donchev (BG), Faxen (AT), Natasha Taylor (UK/NL), Tina Tonagel (DE), Baghdassarians/Baltschun (DE), Anja Erdmann (DE), Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT), Timo Kahlen (DE), Frans Roovers (NL), Andrew Bluff (AU), Zeno van den Broek (NL), Leo Bettinelli (AR), Simon Weins (DE), Mario van Horrik (NL) + Petra Dubac (NL), Esther Kokmeijer (NL) + Gerben Kokmeijer (NL)

Jean Philippe Loridan (Pitch-Visualive) (FR), Jan M. Iversen (NO) + Tzesne (ES), Laura Focarazzo (AR), Julian Scordato (IT), Lisa Gervassi (MX), Mads Emil Nielsen (DK), João Ricardo | OCP (PT), Ginnetta Correli (BR), Alexander Senko (RU), Roberto Zanata (IT), Philippe Cavaleri (BE), Yiannis Kranidiotis (GR), Benna (IT)

Pablo Sanz (ES), Alan Dunn (UK), Russ Young (UK), Renata Roman (IT), Ivan Raph (BE), Michele Scariot aka No Dolby (IT), Sandrine Deumier (FR) + Philippe Lamy (FR), Francesc Marti (ES), Karin Senff (AU), Sunnstede (FR), David Prescott-Steed (AU)

Joep Hinssen (NL), Leo Bettinelli (AR), Jos Smolders (NL), thisquietarmy (CA), Jan Kees Helms (NL), Post Mortem (NL), Red Stars Over Tokyo (BE), Ti Femme (USA/NL), Hellvete (BE), Janneke van der Putten (NL) & Christian Galarreta (PE)


testing the equipment | AFG#56 | Vienna/AT | 2.7.2013

„Can the material bear the sensation it upholds? And can the sensation stand upright, express itself, produce pure sensory qualities, through the material forms and forces it lays hold of?
Die Klanginstallation „Testing The Equipment“ ist ein konkreter akustischer sowie architektonischer Eingriff in die Räumlichkeiten des AfG und widmet sich im besonderen den vor Ort verbauten akustischen Deckenpaneelen. Diese universell eingesetzten Bauelemente sind Kennzeichen moderner Architektur und definieren seither maßgeblich die Akustik von Innenräumen wie Büros, Geschäftslokalen, Schulen, etc…Über das Entfernen einiger Deckenpaneele wird somit die Raumakustik des AfG manipuliert und der Blick in den darüberliegenden Hohlraum freigegeben. Die entnommenen Paneele dienen als Material zur Konstruktion zweier Lautsprecherboxen die jeweils ein rhythmisches Signal wiedergeben, welches die Raumresonanz auslotet.“ (Faxen)

Eine Ausstellung von und mit Faxen aus der Serie „/“ (sprich: shift-sieben) der Zehn-Finger-Abteilung des AfG.

Mühlfeldgasse 5
1020,Wien (Österreich)


Faxen/May He Hetal? | mehr kanal #5, Linz/AT | 6.6.2011

mehr kanal #5 mit der Gruppe FAXEN aka May He Hetal?

6. Juni 2011, 19.00 Uhr
Tonstudio der Zentralen Medienwerkstätte, Reindlstr. 16-18, 4040 Linz

Fünfter Teil der Studiokonzertreihe (entwickelt von Markus Decker, Wolfgang Fuchs und Wolfgang Dorninger), dieses mal mit der Künstlergruppe FAXEN.

mehr kanal! #5
Den fünften Abend der Tonstudio-Recording-Reihe bespielt die Künstlergruppe Faxen, die mit ihren umgebauten und modifizierten, altbekannten Musikinstrumenten den Soundteppich auslegt. Die Gruppe sucht die Fehler in den Maschinen oder platziert sie dort, wo sie die Mutationen haben wollen. Mensch-Messgerät-Sound.

keep an ear on | EX3, Firenze/IT | 20. – 22.5.2011

Keep an ear on...“ is the fifth international symposium on soundscape organized by the FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft

In 2011, the conference will be held in Florence (Italy) in collaboration with the Center for Music Research Tempo Reale and the Centre for Contemporary Art EX3, May 19 to 22, 2011.

FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft – Forum for the soundscape) is a European association that wants to serve as a platform for contact between people from different disciplines that deal with the soundscape and acoustic spaces.
The FKL was born as a result of the impetus given by the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology WFAE (Vancouver, BC) was formed in 1993 based on research carried out in 70 years. The FKL is a non-profit organization, is open to all those interested in listening and sound environmental stewardship.
Every two years FKL organizes its conference in a different European city .


Amanda BELANTARA (GB) Ears are Dazzled, touched by sound
Michael CARMODY/Elissa GOODRICH (AUS) Anatomy of atoms
Domenico CENA/Francesco MICHI (IT) Composizione silenziosa
Gianpaolo DI COCCO/Cristiano DE SILVA/Giacomo ALLAZETTA (IT) Vox Domestica
Richard EIGNER (A) Denoising Installation
ONGAKUAW (IT) E alle stecche delle persiane è già l’alba
Maurizio GOINA/Pietro POLOTTI (IT) Sonic Walking
Bjørn Erik HAUGEN (N) Transfer
MassimoLIVERANI/Pino GORI (IT) Stazione di rilassamento psicoacustico
Luca MITI (IT) Proposta per lo studio di un rito nelle Marche
Sara MAINO/Davide ONDERTOLLER (IT) Microstorie dal paesaggio
Knut REMOND (CH) the rec. Hunters
.LarsenSado. (IT) w00dPH1.0 [e se gli alberi avessero le orecchie?]
Nick SHERMAN (USA) Soundtracker
Artur VIDAL (E) Three times in Beyoglu
Fabian WINKLER/Shannon McMULLEN (USA) Waves Records
FAXEN (A) resonate in response to


 | DogzStar, Istanbul/TR | 2.4.2010