Heimliches Arbeiten beginnt.

2018, audio visual installation and performance mixed media, variable size

Après Après

as part of FAXEN 2018, site specific sound installation 2-channel audio 08:25min (loop), horn speaker, tripod, neon lights


as part of FAXEN 2017, mixed-media installation single channel video, 60’00'', single channel audio, 60’00'', table, blue

surfing on a long wire

2017, audio visual installation, sound performance string, wood, foil, e-bow, video, mirror, coloured light

Rhythm and Decay

2016, 6-channel sound installation lametta, speakers, raspberry pi

Unworking Works

since 2016, audio-performance, concert microphone, piezo microphones, drilling machine, siren, walkie-talkies, harp, drum mach

In this momentary awareness I tried to tell myself,…

as part of FAXEN 2016, multi-channel sound installation horn speaker, adhesive foil text


as part of FAXEN 2015, multi-channel sound installation loudspeaker, inkjet- print 70x50


as sixbus 2015,  Album Release digital file, catalog LH014 The mini album from sixbus one of my alter-egos, oscillates betwee


as part of FAXEN 2015, multi-channel sound installation loudspeaker, overhead projector, beamer


2014, sound installation and live-performance live microphone input, synth, radio, audio effects, prints

The Prospects of Recording

as part of FAXEN 2014, audio-visual installation wood, perforated plate, loudspeaker, video (HD) 4’21’’ loop


2014, sound object, diy instrument, hack mixed media, sound chips


as part of FAXEN 2014, 4-channel sound installation acoustic absorber panels, 4 speakers, 3 metronomes

Squadra di Canto

as part of FAXEN 2014, Video (HD) 8:30min (loop)

Double Layer (small scale)

as part of FAXEN 2014, mixed-media sound object fans, loudspeakers, wood, Bass-Graphic- Equalizers

Let’s Overhear

as part of FAXEN. 2013, site-specific sound intervention microphones, parametric speakers, Raspberry Pi Computer, wooden boxes

Testing the Equipment

as part of FAXEN 2013, site-specific intervention sound absoring tiles, speakers, Roland MC303


as part of FAXEN 2012, mixed-media installation microphone, mirror ball engine, speaker, table, text excerpt of William B. Sea


as part of FAXEN 2011, site-specific sound intervention

Double Layer

as part of FAXEN 2011, mixed-media soundinstallation fans, speaker, microphone stands, audio- mixer

Double Layer (live)

as part of FAXEN 2011, audio-performance microphones, piezo microphones, micro- phone stands, audio-mixer, analogue effect uni

Resonate In Response To

as part of FAXEN 2011, sound installation record-players, speaker, vinyl-records including custom made sinus loops

Resonate In Response To Vinyl Edition

as part of FAXEN 2011, Limited edition of 20 double-7 inch vinyls packed in silk-screen-printed vinyl-mailer boxes

For the Birds

as part of FAXEN 2010, mixed-media object hairdryer, table-tennis-ball, keyboard, glascube, light-sensors  

sight seeing

as part of FAXEN 2009, site-specific sound intervention speaker, dub-plates, media player


as part of FAXEN 2009, sound-installation 100 piezo speakers, audio cables, mp3- players


as part of May he hetal? 2008, Album Release digital file, Autark aa05 Modified keyboards and hand crafted interfaces, build t

May He Hetal?

as part of FAXEN 2006-2011, audio-performance Modified keyboards and handcrafted interfaces